The Art of Making a Sex Tape

Sometimes I do have really potty ideas, and I cannot help it. I have been with London escorts for a couple of years now, and during that time I have learned a lot about the London adult entertainment industry. A few of the girls that I work with at escorts in London have worked within various parts of the adult entertainment industry in London, so they know that money can be made in different ways.

Recently, we have been thinking about putting together own sexy website. We do date a lot of guys from abroad, and we would sort of like to have a webcam service which they could use. Lots of the gents that we meet, tend to get kind of hooked on their London escorts and would like to speak to them when they are away from London. So, we thought that we would set up a sight called chat to a escorts in London online to see if we could make some extra money.

We sat down to talk about the site and how we could promote it. One of the girls that I work with at our London escorts service, has done some porn star style acting and came up with the idea of making our own sex tape. The idea was that it was going to be a sexy news presentation from London escorts. At first I thought that it was kind of funny idea, but then I realised that it could work. After all, no one had done anything like this before.

But making your own sex tape is not as easy as you think it is. None of the girls that I worked with at escorts in London had editing software, so it was obvious that we had to hire somebody in. We started to play around with the camera, but it was clear that lighting was going to be an issue as well. You make thing that lighting is achieved easily when it comes to film making but that is not true at all. For us it soon become one of the major obstacles. Sound was another issue and things seemed to be spiralling out of control.

In the end, we decided to contact a professional studio and we are now glad that we did. We have been able to launch our website and promote with a professional video. Sexy news from escorts in London is one of the most popular sex tapes online, and of course, it takes you straight to our cam girl site. The sex tape is great for bringing attention to us and we have made a bit of a name for ourselves online. It has certainly been worth the initial investment and I think that we may even make another sex tape next year for our viewers to enjoy. At the moment we are thinking about other business ideas that we can link, but above all, we are having some fun and letting the cash fill our bank accounts. It is a great little business for us.

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